Fabulous Fangs® - Dog Dental Delights

Got dog breath?  We've created New Zealand's first crunchy dog dental delight to promote healthy teeth, gums and breath.  Fabulous Fangs feature thyme and New Zealand sourced seaweeds.  Try yours today!


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We are currently taking a break from the Nelson Market.  You can shop online or give us a call for local Nelson orders +64 21 172 0543.

Saturdays - Find Barking Brilliant on Saturdays at the Nelson Market located in Montgomery Square, 8am to 1pm.  Our stall is typically located by Briscoes and Rebel Sport.

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News - What's happening?

Quit smoking for the sake of your pets

An ongoing study by the University of Glasgow shows a direct link between the effects on pets living in a smoking environment and a higher risk of health problems including some animal cancers, cell damage and weight gain.
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April Giveaway with every bag of Fabulous Fangs (28 biscuits)

During April 2016 try the biodegradable cornstarch doggy-doo bags (20 per pack) FREE with your order of Fabulous Fangs (bag of 28 biscuits).
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Mapua Easter Fair - Sunday 27 March 2016, 9am to 3pm

$2 entry per person (pre-schoolers free)
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Dogs' Breakfast! - Toxic algae and how to keep your dog safe

Find out about toxic algae and how to keep your dog safe.
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